API First, Cloud Native, Test Automation Throughout.

  • Transcending technical and operational hurdles with unmatched ROI
  • Strengthening your business application portfolio without abandoning your past
  • Increasing your critical business metrics and ability to go further…faster

Aspen ESS creates, tests, and delivers the business application elements your team needs to stop making tradeoffs and start focusing on growth.

The Adrenaline Shot Your Business Needs Now.

100 Percent Tested in 5 Days or Less

Try Before You Buy With Nothing to Lose.

Without compromising data privacy, you’ll get to verify the integrity, quality, and health of the complete back-end application stack against your own relational database schema.

No longer do you have to take a step backwards to progress forwards.

Full ownership: this is your software to manage, enhance, and deploy to best fit your business with no need to learn new tools or get stuck in someone else’s platform.

Rapid delivery: achieve software development velocities and output never even considered possible – months to days, days to minutes.

Cost management: significantly reduce the cost of software management and development, realize a newfound competitive advantage.

Technology efficiencies: modernize and drive consistency and improved interconnectedness while overcoming technical debt.

Unrivaled Services + Solutions

Real time application development enabled through our proprietary Enterprise Application Development Engine (EADEn) transforming your maintenance and support focus into a dedicated competitive advantage.

Secure, Intelligent Technology

EADEn scans legacy applications’ databases and recreates your data schema without extracting or viewing any data – providing a completely modern, headless application stack ready for your personal touch and able to be deployed wherever you choose.

The possibilities are endless.

With full pricing transparency and an engineered, highly scalable solution, you can finally revive the power of your legacy enterprise applications affordably and at an unheard of pace.