Services and Solutions

Rapid Return on Investment

If you are like most businesses, you find your organization is continuing to invest in patchwork improvements that only broaden your technical debt challenges and create more cost and complexity that needs to be managed and maintained.

Quickly Achieve Value

Rather than focusing on how to incrementally fix what you have slowly over time, you now have an option that tackles it all in less than five days with an ROI within your current (or next) budget cycle.

Grow Your Business

Rapidly transition your primary focus to acquiring new customers, improved retention, elevated customer engagement scores, new & improved feature and solution launches, and heightened market recognition.

App Modernization

There is finally a clear, rapid path from old product versions to new applications from which you can build and grow to meet internal and external customer needs.

Portfolio Rationalization

No longer do large numbers of Mergers & Acquisitions or IT-managed back-office applications have to constantly hold you back and prevent you from focusing on growth.

App Migration

Now is the time to explore extracting functionality you’ve created in another vendor’s platform and finally have it be your own software to manage, grow and profit from.

New App Development

Without need for exhaustive and expensive consultations, simply define your data and system integration needs and let us quickly do the rest!

Reclaim Control Over Your Enterprise Applications

Simple, Fast

With EADEn, you get a hardened, streamlined, consistent application tech stack within five days without disruption to your business.


Pricing is transparent with no hidden fees and unit costs go down as usage goes up. An optional annual membership guarantees you extended access.

Full Ownership + Control

Ensure that you don’t get stuck or are hampered inside someone else’s platform which minimizes control over your own future.

Reduced Effort + Costs

As your customers successfully upgrade to your new, fully modernized application, reduced maintenance and customer support spend can be leveraged elsewhere.