Technology and Capabilities

Regain Control. Quickly Leapfrog Tech Hurdles.

Roadmaps riddled with technical debt initiatives. Cobbled together backend services. Unique users all demanding the highest priorities. These are not uncommon technical challenges that companies, like yours, are facing day in and day out.

Stop Sacrificing

Rather than constantly accepting only incremental gains against your larger business goals and needs, you can quickly leap past your growing technical hurdles while also creating a legitimate upgrade path for your enterprise applications. Regain control and watch the fire drills start to disappear.

Rapid Delivery

In five business days or less, see for yourself what’s there. Your teams can review the produced code assets, validate available APIs, review health check and included automation test results, and flexibly fine-tune if needed. The result: a hardened, streamlined, consistent application tech stack which significantly minimizes the number of technical resources required for ongoing maintenance and enhancements.

App Modernization

There is finally a clear, rapid path from old product versions to new applications from which you can build and grow to meet internal and external customer needs.

Portfolio Rationalization

No longer do large numbers of Mergers & Acquisitions or IT-managed back-office applications have to constantly hold you back and prevent you from focusing on growth.

App Migration

Now is the time to explore extracting functionality you’ve created in another vendor’s platform and finally have it be your own software to manage, grow and profit from.

New App Development

Without need for exhaustive and expensive consultations, simply define your data and system integration needs and let us quickly do the rest!

It’s Your Software – No Strings Attached

Complete Package

Download the finished package or we can help push to your preferred target destination or repository.

Fully Tested

We include automated code coverage unit tests as well as REST and GraphQL API integration tests. We also provide code quality and cybersecurity test results for your review.


All components are currently fully compatible with Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL/MariaDB, PostGreSQL.

Zero Vendor Lock

EADEn is not a platform; it is our proprietary engine producing your software to manage and deploy wherever you want.