Application Technology Stack

Easily Engage with EADEn

EADEn was intentionally designed to be a simple, fast, easy to use engine producing a 100% modern API First, Cloud Native application technology stack from engineers who’ve been architecting, building, and maintaining enterprise software for some of the world’s largest companies and toughest IT shops.

Technical Assets

  • MetaData Miner: extracts your schema metadata (customer infrastructure/private activity)
  • Database Script: recreates your schema, adds API User Account
  • Database Script: adds test data to test database
    • Code: Data Models, Repositories, API Endpoints
    • Automated Integration Tests: JavaScript HTTP Client for API Endpoints, JavaScript meta-models for use in UI, Integration tests to verify Rest API endpoints
  • Azure DevOps Git Repository: Git commit with each code gen run to show history of changes
  • Azure DevOps azure-pipeline.yml: for build/test/deploy pipeline
  • Azure Bicep file: creates Azure Services
    • App Services
    • Databases (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL/MariaDB, PostGreSQL)

Functional Assets

  • REST API: Swagger page
  • GraphQL: Playground/Data Dictionary page
  • Auto-Generation of Base Forms with React Component Library
  • MetaData Administration
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) App Administration Console
  • Workflow Orchestration/Administration
  • System Health Console
  • Customer Care Administration
  • Systems Integration Administration
  • Reporting


  • CyberSecurity and Performance tests
  • Unit Tests for Repository
  • Dockerfile to create Docker Container for API
  • Kubernetes deployment files

Professional Services

As an EADEn subscriber, you will have access to Professional Services including Database Assessments and Improvement Planning (maintenance, performance, best practices).


  • Microsoft for Startups – Founder Hub
  • API-First
  • Cloud Native